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Upcoming  Album  Release

The 'Symphonic Chronicles Vol 2' Album is due for release on January 5, 2024. This Album will include my orchestral works 'Call of the Himalayas' and 'Númenor', performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Robert Ziegler.

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Anthony  Wilson  is  a  classical  composer  and  private  music  teacher.  He  works  in  his  own  music  studio,  which  is  based  in  the  eastern  suburbs  of  Melbourne.  Teaching  piano,  theory  of  music  and  singing,  Anthony  has  been  helping  students  realise  their  musical  goals  since  1994.

As  a  teenager,  Anthony  began  his  journey  as  a  composer  tentatively  by  experimenting  with  moulding  his  piano  improvisations  into  structured  pieces  of  music.  Since  then,  he  has  steadily  widened  his  creative  horizons,  culminating  in  the  creation  of  works  for  full  orchestra.


In  1994  Anthony  Wilson  left  a  promising  career  in  IT  to  pursue  a  career  in  music.  At  that  time  he  set  up  a  private  music  teaching  business  and  embarked  upon  a  detailed  study  of  composition.

Works Released on CD

'A Bird Came Down the Walk' and 'Tears, Idle Tears'

for  voice and piano  on  the  'Voices for Earth and Air Vol. 5'  CD. 

Manannán - Legend of the Sea

for  full  orchestra  on  the  'Legends & Light Vol 2'  CD. 

3 Flights of the Condor

for  full  orchestra  on  the  'Prisma
Vol 5'  CD. 

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